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EME(Electronic Me) is a music publishing platform which is aiming to encourage the young unknown indie electronic music performers to publish their performance videos or original song tracks, and the event production companies could reach out with the young talented musicians via EME.

5 Weeks. Fall 2019.
Concept. Research. UIUX. Branding.
Individual Project.
Adobe XD. Photoshop. After Effects.
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“ Beginning in the early 2010s, the uprising of electronic music jumpstarted the careers of hundreds of DJs and producers as well as the nightlife and music festival industries.”
Valerie Lee
Festival Advisor

- Context -


Electronic music is one of the most popular music genres. But there is hard to find a typical way to produce original music or listen to new electronic music.

“I want to find underground electronic music, which are the best sites or stores to go to?”
“How can I start producing electronic music?”
“What is the best way/places to discover and stumble upon new electronic music?”

Market Opportunity

Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo are very popular perform events. Standing on the stage is the unknown musician's dream. However, in the current market, hardly find a typical way to help the young musicians standing on the stage.


Make the voice to hear.

Here are some promising electronic musicians that are “must hear” for everyone who has a passion for synth music. EME will help young talented musicians to publish their music.Meanwhile, EME will bridge the gap between the young talented with music festivals and production companies.

- Interaction Design -


EME’s target audience is Millennials / Generation Z and event company who wanna find
the potential electronic producer.


Information Architecture


Final Design

01.Sign In

Splash -On Boarding - Sign In

02. Invite JoJo to the music festival.

Weekly artist --- Profile --- Reach out

03. Watch Trending Performance.

View top trending --- Popular feed --- Watching video

Web Design

EME website will introduce the application and display the trending videos of talented musicians. Also, fans could purchase the collateral products.

- Visual Identity -


Logo Design

Final Logo

EME, short by electronic me. The logo is inspired by the black DJ player, representing the primal impulse of electronic music.

Style Guide

- Typography

- Color Usage

The colors in the mark should stay consistent at all times, however, some situations call for adjustments.


- Logo Showcase



- Conclusion -


Not everyone's dream could come true, at least having a vibe to make an effort.

This is my favorite branding + UI UX project. Being a music enthusiast myself, working on EME is an incredibly rewarding process. With the help of my instructor Matthew Bennett(Founder of iid), I enjoy the visual exploration process that emphasizes personality by branding and interaction design. It was the moment that I understood branding is not only color, type. It is the story and experiences I created for people.